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I specialize in developing online database applications pertaining to our natural resources. A web-enabled database application is a very useful tool for acquiring, storing, and disseminating information. Activity happens in real-time, doesn't require any additional hardware/software, and doesn't require extensive training to use. Access (with defined levels of functionality) is available to anyone with an internet connection.
Operational Sites: Butterflies of North Carolina link
  Birds of North Carolina: their Distribution and Abundance link
Mammals of North Carolina link
Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina link
NC Audubon (not publicly accessible) • Important Birding Areas
• Shorebird Survey
• Image Database
• American Oystercatcher Band Database
NC Audubon (publicly accessible) • My Oystercatchers link
• Report a Banded Oystercatcher link
  Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space
• Inventory of system's plant and animal life
  Arkansas State Parks
• Inventory of system's plant and animal life
Being Developed: Hemipterans of North Carolina link
Moths of North Carolina link
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